AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection), also known as automatic optical inspection, relies on light to illuminate the target, the camera takes pictures to form a picture, and then completes the printed circuit board inspection through a series of algorithm comparisons, and outputs the results.

To evaluate the AOI method, the machine uses the internal lighting unit to decompose the solder and components into different colors. When making the inspection program, first take a standard board and set appropriate color parameters for the different parts of each component above.

During the inspection, the machine will take the captured image of the standard board as the standard image, and use the set color parameters as the standard. The image of the inspected substrate is compared with the standard image, and the judgment is made based on the set color parameters.

As the soul of AOI, our ideal hope light source should have the following points, multi-level, multi-angle, uniform light, stable light source, non-degradation, and long life. Of course, the actual AOI equipment can only be approached and cannot be fully realized.

Light source service life: First of all, the light can't keep on. This is an NG design of some equipment. Most of them have been improved and are not common. The light needs to be constantly on and off according to the requirements of the signal, and the intensity and stability of the light source must be ensured. It is best to have an independent power supply.

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