Working table (length * width) 1700*1100mm
T-slot (number of slots-width of slot) 7-22
Maximum load of worktable 3000kg
X/Y/Z axis rapid displacement 12/12/10
Maximum cutting south feed rate 5000mm/min
XYZ axis travel 1600x1300x600mm
Gantry width 1400mm
The distance from the spindle end to the table surface 180-780mm
Z axis counterweight Nitrogen
Positioning accuracy +-0015/300mm
Repeat accuracy +001 mm
XYZ axis guide Roller linear guide
Spindle specifications (model/installation diameter) BT40/150mm diameter
Preferred speed of geared spindle /
Belt drive milling head, maximum speed /
Direct drive spindle, maximum speed (optional) 12000 rpm
Spindle motor power car 11/15 kw
Air demand 26 kg/cm
Comprehensive hammer weight) 125 T
Mechanical shape R inch (length x width x height) 4900x3100x3500 mm