After entering mid-May every year, the weather will gradually become hot, with frequent occurrences of high temperature, humidity, and sultry weather. Generally, in the hot summer, the working scene of CNC machine tools can reach 50°C. In order to extend the service life of CNC machine tools, ensure the accuracy and accuracy of equipment processing, and prevent the machine from malfunctioning, affecting normal production and operation, the high temperature in summer will affect the machine tool equipment. Maintenance is very important.

Numerical control turning and milling machines cover a wide range of categories, such as engraving and milling machines, precision engraving machines, vertical machining centers, core walkers, drilling and tapping machines, turning and milling machines, and so on. Although there are many types of CNC machine tools, the maintenance methods are basically the same. I will introduce them to you below.

1. At the beginning of summer, a comprehensive inspection

As soon as the hot weather starts, a comprehensive machine tool inspection, maintenance, lubrication, heat dissipation, ventilation, and dust removal from the electric cabinet are carried out. Safety accidents such as failures and inaccuracy caused by high temperature weather, typhoon and rain can be avoided, and cost losses can be reduced.

2. Cleaning and inspection of the electric control cabinet

Clean the dust and air filter in the electric cabinet. Check whether the fan is running normally, and avoid aging, oxidation, and insufficient heat dissipation of electrical components. Customers who do not have the conditions to install air conditioners in the workshop can choose to use electric fans to accelerate heat dissipation.

3. Lubrication of various moving parts

CNC guide rails carry loads and are the basis of machine tool accuracy. The coolant on the work surface is easily lost and odorous. In a high temperature environment, the guide rail will be oxidized, which will affect the accuracy of the machine tool.

4. Cutting fluid maintenance. The summer weather is hot and the air is relatively rich in water, which provides good natural conditions for the growth of bacteria.

1) Use high-quality, stable cutting fluid.

2) Using pure water to prepare a concentrated solution is not only easy to prepare, but also can improve the lubricity of the cutting fluid, reduce the amount of chips carried away, and prevent bacterial erosion.

3) When using, it is necessary to control the ratio of the concentrated liquid in the cutting fluid not to be too low, otherwise it is easy to cause bacteria to grow.

4) Since the oil used by the machine tool contains bacteria, it is necessary to minimize the oil leaked from the machine tool mixed into the cutting fluid.

5) When the pH of the cutting fluid is between 8.3 and 9.2, it is difficult for bacteria to survive, so new cutting fluid should be added in time to increase the pH.

6) Keep the cutting fluid clean, and don't let the cutting fluid come into contact with dirt, oil, food, tobacco, etc.

7) Frequently use fungicides.

8) Keep the workshop and machine tools clean.

9) If the equipment does not have a filter device, the oil slick should be regularly skimmed to remove dirt.