It is recommended that workpieces with simple processes can be processed by other CNC machine tools. It is not necessary to choose a machining center for processing. Other CNC machine tools can also be processed, such as many processes, high precision requirements, complex shapes, and repeated clamping on other machine tools. It is more suitable to use the machining center to process the parts that can be completed. For example, boxes, complex curved surfaces, and special-shaped parts are all parts that have many processing procedures, complex shapes, high precision requirements, and are difficult to process on other machine tools. These parts are most suitable for machining with machining centers.

Use different types of machining centers for different types of parts

There are many types of machining centers. According to the structure classification, they can be divided into horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, gantry machining centers and composite machining centers. Common in the market are vertical machining centers and horizontal machining centers. center. According to different types of parts, use different types of machining centers to process. For example, box-type parts are more suitable for use in horizontal machining centers, because the horizontal machining center can complete other surfaces except the top surface and the mounting surface at one time. Machining reduces the number of repeated clamping of the workpiece, thereby improving the machining accuracy and machining efficiency. Complex surface and special-shaped parts are more suitable for processing with five-axis machining center. The five-axis machining center is to install two CNC turntables on the conventional three-axis machining center. The first CNC turntable rotates around the X axis. We Defined as the A axis, another CNC turntable makes 360° rotation around the Z axis. We define it as the C axis. A five-axis machining center generally has five coordinate motion axes, which are XYZAC or XYZBC. The five-axis machining center can complete the processing of multiple surfaces by clamping the workpiece at a time, so it is most suitable for processing complex curved surfaces and special-shaped parts.